Moving from Grief, Loss & Pain to Meaning, Joy & Purpose! 

Ke'Shawn Hill Adamson, BA, MA,CGC, CWGC


“…her techniques are very helpful especially the meditation”

The mission of Unstuck! Worldwide is to help all generations, children, youth, and adults alike become UnStuck! and provide strategies & support in navigating the challenges of life, the wilderness of grief, especially unresolved grief, moving from a place of grief, loss, and pain to meaning, joy, and purpose.



The vision of UnStuck! Worldwide is to educate, motivate, and train others on how to use their greatest pain to find their greatest purpose. To move people from a place of paralysis, despondency, dissatisfaction, and despair to resilience, gratitude, beauty, service, and the gift of now, leaving behind their fingerprint on humanity and passing their rich legacy onto others.


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