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Ke’Shawn Hill- Adamson: is a Certified Grief Coach & Workplace Grief Coach holding a Bachelors in Mass Communications specializing in Advertising and, a Master’s (Summa Cum Laude) in Corporate Communication specializing in Program Development & Design from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. She is also a graduate of the ICF Accredited Grief to Gratitude Certification Program from the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching.  Ke’Shawn has also studied under David Kessler, world-renowned grief expert in his “Writing Through Loss & Trauma” and “Tender Hearts” community group of courageous grievers. 


Ke’Shawn’s career has ranged from:  Westchester County Department of Social Services, the March of Dimes National Office Department of Direct Response Fundraising, USA Today’s Northeast Advertising Sales Department, IONA College TRIO Student Support Services as an Academic Counselor turned Assistant Director and, the Manager of Youth Programs running 8+ government, private and corporate youth grants and programs for The Greyston Foundation located in Yonkers, NY.    


Throughout her career, Ke’Shawn  has not only been trained educationally to run, design and develop programs, staff and offices, but later, felt the deeper calling to help people heal and overcome life challenges. 


Her one passion, the  biggest challenge in her life, has been to heal and find purpose over death, loss and grief.  After losing generations of beloved family members since the age of 7, in-spite of her career taking off, emotionally, those deaths, losses and unresolved grief began to take its toll on her emotionally and her health began to decline rapidly. 


Now, after decades of working through her own grief and loss, not only is she prepared, skilled, trained and experienced having first-hand knowledge of grief and loss, but now, she can use her training, grief and pain and turn into her purpose and her greatest message yet…Helping others, individuals and businesses alike, become UnStuck! Worldwide facing the biggest phenomenon known to man…death, grief, loss and mourning…and helping walk people through their pain and grief…to helping them discover their true meaning and motivation to find their purpose. 


She is the Founder and CEO of an up in- coming coaching business, UnStuck! Worldwide, moving people from Grief, Loss, & Pain to Meaning, Joy & Purpose at unstuckworldwide.com


Ke’Shawn is also the Founder of B.O.O.M!, a Christian blog site that encourages and inspires people to Break, Obliterate & Overcome Mountains and find their God-given purpose at boom4christ.com


She is a Writer, Blogger, Motivational Speaker, Presenter, and Workshop Facilitator.   

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