About UnStuck! Worldwide

Welcome to UnStuck! Worldwide, Grief and Life Coaching Program.

So excited that you are here, and especially excited that you are considering joining our family.
This is not an accident that you are here, right now, discovering what it means to take a journey towards your self-healing, self-discovery, transformation, and for some, moving from grief, loss, and pain to finding meaning, joy, and purpose.


The mission of Unstuck! Worldwide is to help all generations, children, youth, and adults alike become UnStuck! and provide strategies & support in navigating the challenges of life, the wilderness of grief, especially unresolved grief, moving from a place of grief, loss, and pain to meaning, joy, and purpose.

The vision of UnStuck! Worldwide is to educate, motivate, and train others on how to use their greatest pain to find their greatest purpose. To move people from a place of paralysis, despondency, and despair to resilience, gratitude, beauty, service, and the gift of now, leaving behind their fingerprint on humanity and passing their rich legacy onto others.

Is transformation easy? Of course not! Will this journey be easy, NO! But, it doesn’t have to be hard either! Anything worth having is worth fighting for, right? It will require work. It will require commitment! However, if you commit to taking this journey, it will be the best decision you’ve made, and the tools you learn here will not only promote healing but will help move you closer in your search for meaning, joy, and purpose that can carry you for a lifetime if you let it!

If you’re a young person and you came to me kicking and screaming because YOUR parent(s) or adult authority felt this would be the best program and place for you given where you are in your life at this present moment… trust me, you won’t be disappointed! It will be one of the most important moments in your life that will carry YOU for a lifetime…if, you are willing to be flexible, open, and give yourself permission to give it a try, do the work, and be present.

For everyone enrolling in our coaching services, if you do the work, you will have no choice but to grow and move forward towards any endeavor. What you invest into this program can help change your perspective on life, challenges, suffering and carry you through some of life's toughest challenges.

So, why are you here? What is your BIG WHY? For everything we do, we have to understand and know WHY we are doing it. Why choose UnStuck! Worldwide? One simple answer… Life! Life brought you here. Grief brought you here. Death brought you here. The loss brought you here. Pain brought you here. Woundedness brought you here. Paralysis brought you here. Dissatisfactions brought you here. Why? Because life happens, right? Life, the challenges and pains of life, the utter disappointments of life, the hurts of life will catch you off guard and sometimes, knock you straight off your feet taking your breath away.

As you grow older, you encounter a ton of hurts, pains, and disappointments. But, life doesn’t allow you to sit, process, and feel your pain. There is no manual for it either.
So, after succumbing to some sort of hurt, pain, and challenge life throws at you, you fall…sometimes, you get knocked down…wounded even…again and again, again….
But, you have to quickly get back up, act as if you are ok, pretend to be normal and functional, dust yourself off, and continue on this hamster wheel because you have responsibilities, obligations…bottom line, you have the stuff to do….right?


You reason to yourself, “Ain’t NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT…AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME TO FEEL,” right? But, now you’re wounded! Rinse and repeat! We repeat this cycle until we die. There are tons and millions of folks walking around wounded from childhood and stay that way. That 93 years old is still wounded by something that happened at the age of 5. That 20-year-old is still wounded at something that happened at 9 years old and this is most people’s cycle until we decide the pain we carry morphs out of control or, we take the initiative to address, confront and change it. Throughout life, this happens all too often. We get wounded, sometimes, brutally wounded by death, loss, and insurmountable pain and we’re expected to mourn for just a moment just to get right back up and keep it moving. So we travel through life with tons of baggage and we don’t know what to do with it, there is no manual for it, stuck!

This was my journey and it’s through my being stuck, UnStuck! Worldwide was birthed. I too have been a victim of this vicious cycle and at the age of 42, my 7-year-old within me was wounded over first…losing my grandmother and then…decades of losing my entire family…then…life…hurt…betrayal…heartbreak…injustice…utter disappointment…insurmountable loss… and I hid my pain…thus killing me slowly…I was the walking dead…functional…extremely successful…but dying and no one knew it.


So I declare today, NO MORE! Not for me and if I can help it, not for those assigned for me to help. After picking myself up, through study and practical insight and wisdom, I learned a ton of tools along the way that helped through my healing that I desire to share with you today. What I learned was working towards my freedom… moving me from grief, loss, and pain to meaning joy, and purpose.

Today and throughout this journey, I’m asking you to give your grief, loss, dissatisfaction, and pain a voice. To allow them to talk and be free and in turn, we can free ourselves. The pain we hold in, the silence we hold dear, will kill, steal and destroy everything around us if we do not give it a voice and participate in the journey towards our self-healing. If you are willing, let’s say this out loud together, “Today, I will be present, flexible, open, and give myself permission to feel, grieve and give my pain a voice so I can become Unstuck!, wherever I find myself today, I am free and I am empowered to move forward!

With love,
Ke’Shawn Hill-Adamson
UnStuck! Worldwide

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